Our Mission

We strive to nourish our Maui community with delicacies utilizing authentic Greek inspired recipes produced using the best organic and locally sourced* ingredients.


We believe in quality, health and family. That’s why we prepare and bake all our products on site.  Our state of the art baking facility hand crafts delicacies like bread (including gluten free versions), delicious pies, biscuits, cookies, jams and cooked food for you to share with your friends and family.


We believe healthy is delicious! We happily provide vegan and vegetarian items.  We will answer questions about our ingredients, so you can have peace of mind.  We don’t just want our food to taste good, it should also be good for you, so we bake, steam, or grill everything; nothing is fried.  We also have raw goodies!


Adonis and Santuzza


The Greek Oven started as an idea in 2016 by Greek Adonis and his Brazilian wife Santuzza who had just moved to Maui in late 2015 as the best place to raise their young growing family and to practice windsurfing (Adonis’s passion). Initially with the help of Lilia, a Greek “local” artisan, who was selling her gluten free breads, cakes, cookies and more at the Upcountry farmer’s market, they opened the doors of this beautiful Café in March 2017.

Originally as a bakery, then transformed to a Café-Bistro serving breakfast, lunch and dinner the main driving force behind The Greek Oven is the couple’s enthusiasm towards Greek healthy food. The couple strongly believes that the secret to making good, healthy food lies primarily in the ancient Greek wisdom incorporated inside the Greek recipes and the utilization of the best possible ingredients. “We don’t wish to just make tasty food but food that is also good for you” says Santuzza who is a trained chef and a fan of Greece and Greek food herself.

“We do catering and private events. Please contact us for details.”